Flower Child

Spring is fast approaching (although technically, it should've been here already) and when it starts to get warm out, I love to throw the windows open, and have some fresh flowers in my apartment so the breeze carries the floral scent throughout.  I recently received two dozen long-stem lavender roses from Bloom Luxury's Originale Collection, and I was so happy with them!  They create luxury rose arrangements in a variety of different colors (even some metallics!) and they are all grown in the Andes Mountains in Ecuador.  The packaging is gorgeous as well- they arrive in a black box with wax-sealed note.  They were some of the most beautiful flowers I've ever received, and they were extremely aromatic.  The lavender color is so unique & pretty- I don't think I've ever seen that color rose before. I put them in a vase with the flower food that's included in the packaging, and displayed them on the windowsill of my living room bay window.  They lasted for almost two and a half weeks (and made me so happy every time I walked past).  Throwing out flowers always makes me super sad, so I dried out a few of the roses and then hung them in a glass globe with some dried baby's breath.  They'll now be a permanent fixture in my kitchen, and I'm so happy about that. 

xx A



(special thanks to Bloom Luxury for the lovely roses they gifted me)